Warning: You’re not being told the whole truth. It’s time to discover the real reasons why it's so hard to generate traffic and why your visitors won't take action on your stores:
  • So you found your ecom niche.
  • You have some awesome products.
  • You’re sending targeted traffic to it.
  • You’ve done everything you’re supposed to....
  • but, your bounce rate is through the roof,
  • your optins are limp,
  • and your sales are flat-lining.
  • You’ve set up Google Analytics to find out what’s going wrong...
  • to see why your store isn't converting like it should...
  • but the problem is...

Google Analytics is not telling
you the whole truth!

It might tell you where your visitors came from, and where
they’re going on your website...

... but it doesn’t show you the hidden reasons why they’re not
taking action on your store.

For example...

  • It does not show you which buttons, links, images and opt
    in forms your visitors are drawn to and which ones they’re
  • It does not show you what’s distracting your visitors from
    taking action
  • It does not show you where to place your product images,
    buy buttons, advertising and share buttons to get the
    maximum amount of clicks
  • It does not show you how far people are scrolling down
    your sales page, and where they are dropping off.

So, what about split testing?

Problem is...

split testing sucks, too.


Because you’re stabbing in the dark!

There could be dozens – maybe hundreds – of things to test.

How do you know where to start?

Right now, you’re blindfolded...

... and your ecom sites are choking to death.

But what if you could rip off that blindfold...

... stop guessing...

... and finally SEE why people aren’t converting...?

Now you can, with...

Stop guessing and start seeing
why your visitors don’t

ShopiSpy is an advanced cloud software that reveals the hidden
reasons your visitors aren’t taking action, so you can quickly
turn your website into a list building, money-making machine.

Annonymously track your visitor’s mouse movements and
scrolling patterns in real time, to see what their eyes, fingers
and cursors are drawn to and know instantly what you need to fix.

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Make smart, profitable changes
with ShopiSpy

Watch real, recorded video sessions of users interacting with your site to move important content, forms, links and buttons into your website’s hidden hot spots... and enjoy more optins and sales.

Use heatclick technology to replace buttons, images, links and forms that aren’t getting clicked, and watch your CTR skyrocket... no more random split testing.

View video sessions and track analytics anytime, across any page to see what’s distracting your visitors from taking action.

Watch in real time to pinpoint the exact place where people stop scrolling, and stop reading.

Replace or remove these sales-killing bottlenecks in seconds.

See what information your visitors are searching for (but aren’t getting) on your landing pages.

Move that content to your landing pages and keep people focused on your message.

Runs on any site - just copy and paste a simple line of
code on your Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wordpress site
and go.

Real time- see exactly how your visitors interact with
your website in real time.

Beyond Analytics - Google Analytics shows how people found your website, ShopiSpy shows what they’re looking for when they arrivе.

Pro Technology - The same heat map technology used by enterprise companies to track visitor behavior, but at a fraction of the price.

Beyond heat maps - analyze your top pages, feeds, entry pages and exit pages to uncover the content your visitors are looking for, how they navigate your site, and the bottlenecks that are making them leave.

Schedule your sessions - schedule where and when to run ShopiSpy

No bandwidth restrictions - Run as many experiments as you need, whenever you want

No more guessing – See exactly what you need to change to get the results you deserve!

Stop wasting money on traffic that doesn’t convert and quickly boost your ecom or affiliate sales in just 4 simple steps...

Copy/paste the simple line of script to connect your site
to the ShopiSpy cloud dashboard.
Choose the web page you want to monitor and when.
Watch the real time video recordings of visitors, heat
map clicks, and how they interact with your website .
Make the changes based off the videos you watch
and see drastic improvements instantly.

The opportunities are endless...

Trying to grow your list but after using ShopiSpy you see you're only getting clicks to your About Us page?

Then, visitors probably want to learn more about you first. Try putting more of your company info on the landing page or optin form.

Trying to make a sale but ShopiSpy is showing you're only getting clicks to the Privacy link below your order button?

Then, remove the link and explain how their details are safe right below the order button so they don’t have to click away from the page.

Trying to get people to read your most popular content in your right side navigation bar, but ShopiSpy is showing they’re looking at your logo in your top navigation bar instead?

Place a link to your most popular content right there beside the logo!

Trying to make ecommerce sales, but ShopiSpy keeps showing that people keep clicking on all the product images without buying?

Try adding clearer or better images of your product to the listing.

Trying to get people to read your article and share it on Facebook, but the ShopiSpy heat map clicks show people stopped scrolling halfway through?

Try shortening your article, breaking up paragraphs and rewording or removing the part where they’re dropping off.

These are just some of the ways ShopiSpy can help turn your website into a money-getting machine.

Are you starting to realize what a time and headache saver this is going to be?

Look, this isn't another "loophole"
pushbutton traffic or conversion 'hack'
software that only works in theory!

ShopiSpy is based on proven technology that's influenced
millions of dollars for some of the biggest sites in the world
including drastically improving my own.

Tiew Jay

"I was optimizing my sales page to increase conversions. This really takes away the guessing part. I have since increased my conversions by 72%. This pays for itself on my first ad campaign. Thanks Ben for this amazing tool."

Han Fan

"Most marketers are running their businesses blindfolded today and to succeed at all, you need to be converting at the top of your industry. After installing this, I'm seeing a drastic increase in retention and optins. This will make it far easier to profit online much faster than doing things the hard and slow way."

Boost your Google rankings, ramp up your traffic

Google openly admits:

  • Websites that are relevant and useful will rise to the top of
    their search results.
  • How do you make your website relevant and useful?
  • By giving visitors what they want.
  • How do you know what they want?
  • By using ShopiSpy to see what they’re looking for, and what
    they’re ignoring!

The result?

Google sees people sticking around on your website for longer,
and engaging with your content...

... decides that your website is what people are searching for...

... then sends you to the top of their search results...

... bringing you more traffic, and ultimately, more money!

It doesn’t matter what
business you’re in...

From store owners to website flippers, local consultants to
niche marketers...

... ShopiSpy allows you to optimize your website layout, buttons
and content to build your list, rocket your ad revenue...

...and supercharge your product sales faster than ever.
And that’s a promise.

Look, You DON'T have a 'traffic' problem.

Anyone can throw up ads today or write content.

What separates the marketers from those who make money from those who don't is if they can convert those visitors the second they land on your page.

With ShopiSpy, you'll have an unbelievable advantage over other competitors in your niche and therefore, be able to traffic for far cheaper.

Too busy to make changes?

No problem.

Simply send your ShopiSpy data to your freelancer or tech team, and have them make the changes for you.

In return, you transform your website into a subscriber and sales-getting machine.

Not a bad trade off, right?

This is the Exact Same Technology
Major Corporations Like:

all use to get bigger, be spending more money on advertising, and
crush small businesses like yours.

But it won’t cost you
$300 PER MONTH !

Other heat map tools will charge you up to $300 per month for
the same pro technology ShopiSpy offers.

You don’t have to pay anything like that today. Because unlike
other tools, ShopiSpy an affordable investment with no
monthly fees.

Yep, there’s no monthly costs or hidden charges for extra

For a one-time investment you can finally see why your visitors
aren’t converting, and turn any website into an unstoppable
conversion machine.

And unlike others, ShopiSpy gives you

Unlimited bandwidth.

You can record as many visitor sessions as you like all under a one-time only fee when you buy today.

You can also enjoy

Unlimited websites.

For a limited time you can use ShopiSpy with unlimited sites, including any clients you can sell this to as a service.

Can you afford to stay blindfolded?

Right now, you’re blowing money and wasting time on traffic that’s not converting. Can you afford to keep letting that money slip away?

And do you really want to spend years building your list or creating a profitable ecom or affiliate site the hard and slow way?

Just think what a few small tweaks to your website could mean for your business, and your bank balance.

Imagine having a few extra subscribers, clients, sales or commissions each day.

How would that extra cash change your life?

Is it worth finding out?

With ShopiSpy, you can instantly see why your visitors aren’t converting, so you can make conversion boosting, profit- making changes today.

But wait, we're also giving away...

Exclusive Commercial rights!

Do you have an audience of marketers, business owners, SEO experts, web designers, or conversion rate optimizers?

Then you now have the opportunity to grab exclusive - and extremely limited – Commercial Rights to ShopiSpy today.

Add this to part of your marketing services and keep 100% of the sale, every time. And those sales can quickly stack up:

Number of daily sales Monthly income
1 $589
3 $1767
10 $5890

Do you think you could find 10 people who might want to increase their website’s sales each day?

People who are tired of analytics and stab in the dark split testing, and want to see why visitors aren’t converting instead?

You bet you could!

There are millions of website owners out there right now, on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and in forums who need this technology...

... and by offering it at such a crazy low ONE-TIME only price, you could be stacking up cash fast (within hours from now.)

Can you afford to stay blindfolded?

The price is going up again pretty soon...

... and I will be taking this tool completely off the market shortly, too.

This has never been launched in the public and it's going to stay like that.

Why? Because I don't want everyone to have access to this powerful technology and we simply cannot afford to give such a powerful tool away for this low price.

My advice is... grab this now and lock in your crazy low deal, before you kick yourself later.

One Time Payment, No Monthly Contracts

ShopiSpy Unlimited Commercial License

Install on Unlimited Sites & Sell Reports
as a Service


P.S - You wouldn’t drive a car or attempt CPR blindfolded. So why try and run your ecommerce or affiliate business blindfolded?

When you’re unable to see exactly what your visitors are doing on your website you’re running your business with a blindfold on.

In fact, it’s worse.

You’re blindfolded, with one arm tied behind your back.

Analytics and split testing can only tell you half the picture. But, they can’t show you what’s really happening on your website, and why your visitors aren’t converting.

P.P.S – Don’t spend $300 per month on other heat map tools
that limit your usage. Grab ShopiSpy today for a no monthly
fee price today... you can finally see exactly why your visitors aren’t

...and make smart, profitable changes to turn your website
into a response-getting machine.


...this price will increase every few hours, and I am about to
take this offer down completely. Act now, before it’s too late.

Other tools cost as much as $300 per month and have limited

...but, you’re getting unlimited bandwidth, and the opportunity
to use on unlimited websites, for a fraction of the usual price.

Don’t leave it to chance!

Order now, before the next price increase, and before I pull this off the market completely, and forever.

Get Instant Access and Commercial License to ShopiSpy now!


What do I get if I choose the Commercial License?

You'll get the ability to sell use ShopiSpy on unlimited sites including clients you sell this as a service too. You can install the script on their sites then provide the reports and solutions to the issues.

Do I get support to this?

Yes, you get full support and tutorials for a year to ShopiSpy 1.0. After that there will be an option to renew to continue updates and service.

Can I offer ShopiSpy as a bonus?

No you can’t offer this is a bonus or give the software it away as a lead generation magnet.

I'll be able to think about it and come back when I'm ready, right?

Sorry, but this opportunity is only for buyers of ShopiRater and will not be launched in the public or offered again. If you want this advanced mouse tracking technology or heat maps you'l have to settle for an expensive commercial grade version.

One time payment. No monthly contracts.