WAIT! Important step for those struggling to get intial traffic
to their Shopify or WooCommerce stores:


Brand new Facebook pages AND groups auto-posting solution gets 50X more traffic to your stores... even if you're too busy for social media!

Hey, Ben here again and now you can start growing your stores and getting solid reviews on autopilot with ShopiRater.

But, do you have a solid strategy to get the traffic to your stores in the first place to even get the reviews?

Yes, ShopiRater is going to help a ton, but most stores out there are struggling to get any initial traffic at all and chances are great your stores could stand to get more reliable, scalable traffic too, right?

You've probably been told THERE'S
from Facebook...

(especially for ecommerce goods) which IS 100% TRUE TECHNICALLY...

But, Facebooks current landscape just isn't well suited for small or new businesses...

only for the "gurus" who keep telling you to waste buy their FB courses which IS WHY YOU'RE PROBABLY STRUGGLING.

WHY? There's three simple reasons you've probably figured out yourself by now:

Facebook ads costs have skyrocketed and to to get any ROI at all you need to have a big backend funnel at the least to just break even.

Facebook fanpages, well still important to post to, just aren't delivering the same traffic as years past due to Facebooks new algorithm.

Facebook groups, which can deliver easy traffic, are time consuming to post to over and over to build a real, engaged community.


I'm sure you've already contributed to the Facebook ads 'philanthorpy'
that's only suited for big biz or wasted hundreds of dollars paying for expensive autoposting solutions that only post to Fanpages for measly traffic.

So, how do you REALLY get reliable traffic to your stores today from Facebook?

We've been struggling with this same dilema, so we had no choice but to
create an app that pulls traffic automatically combining the two hottest things in Facebook... VIDEO AND FREE FACEBOOK GROUPS.



The world first Facebook pages and groups
cloudbased autoposting solution.

It's braindead easy to get targeted, free traffic to your store with ShopiSubmitter.



Create a Facebook group centered
around your niche

If you're selling cat toys, then create a 'cat' or animal free group people can join.


Fire up ShopiSubmitter and post engaging articles, videos, images, and questions to your group all day long on autopilot.

(HINT: You don't have to create all the content yourself. Just recycle old content or cureate (or borrow) engaging content other fanpages or blogs are posting!)


Sneak in a 'sales' post to your
products or a mention a special

Then, every few posts schedule a promotional one to make money or lead visitors to your optin page. Just spend a few minutes scheduling your posts to your groups, then sit back, and let ShopiSubmitter do all the work.

Soon, you can have a traffic pulling Facebook group just like these:

Watch how easy it is to use:

With ShopiSubmitter, now you can:

Schedule Native Videos to Facebook Groups on Autopilot

Post to Unlimited Numbers of Fanpages and Groups

Schedule Articles, Images, Slideshows, Videos, and More.

Powerful Automated Scheduler to Save You Time

Plus, Facebook Groups are the
and build a community!

I'm guessing you're interested in running your store longterm and making
money passively for more than just a weekend right?

Then, you probably know you need to be forming a real community that are
advocates of your brand and products. All the serioius longterm stores are
doing this and Facebook Groups are the BEST place to let this happen.

So, even if you have all the traffic in the world... ShopiSubmitter is still
going to allow you to scale your businesses faster and save far more time by
automating your group posts and building your tribe.

And don't think you can do this yourself.

Yes, anyone can create a group on Facebook and upload some content.

But think about it...

Why do some groups skyrocket while others just slowly die?

Simply because the group creator was able to post relevant videos, articles, questions, images, etc. To make it look like...well... a great group to join!

Up until now, it really took a team of people to schedule content all day long to Facebook Groups since there was no automated solution, but now you can join the 'big boys' and create your thriving Facebook group before Facebook changes its algorithm again.

And we guarantee this WILL
work for you or it’s free.

How can we be so sure?

Because it’s so freakin' easy...

No more risky, expensive, and complicated advertising.

No more relying on FanPages that deliever almost no traffic.

No more manually scheduling to your Facebook groups all day long.

No more trying to keep track of everything with spreadsheets, reminders or post it notes.

If you can push a few buttons you can use ShopiSubmitter to rake in free
traffic from Facebook groups.

Oh, and did we mention, there’s...

Zero monthly fees

There’s no subscriptions. No hidden costs. Just a one—time investment in the a powerful, traffic pulling tool for ecommerce based busiensses.

You’re fully protected by our
traffic—getting guarantee

If within ten minutes of using ShopiSubmitter, if you aren't floored
by how easy it is to automatically schedule and post content to your
Facebook groups, then we insist you contact our rapid response team for an
instant, no-questions asked, FULL refund.

ShopiSubmitter has never been released to the public (for obvious reasons) and when it does the public price will be at least $497 per year...

...and that would be a steal when you consider the hours you'll save from manually posting and scheduling every post by hand... juggling spreadsheets and reminders trying to keep track of your posting schedule... yuck.

But, because you invested in ShopiRater and are serious about creating a longterm ecommerce store, you can get access to ShopiSubmitter for far less during a special one-time-opportunity only.

That’s a massive SAVINGS, if you act right now!

So, go ahead and hit the order button and lock in your lifetime license to ShopiSubmitter

  • 100% traffic—getting guarantee
  • No monthly fees.

So, is ShopiSubmitter really worth it?

Well, you already bought ShopiRater and to really get it to work
you need solid traffic to get the reviews in the first place to kick off the campaigns.

So, you can...

1. Keep competing against way bigger brands in the Facebook ads game that can easily out spend you.

2.Or try something easier that's working now ie: Facebook groups. All it takes is one solid, thriving group to deliever more traffic than you need... and ShopiSubmitter will help you do just that.


All you need is one sale of your product to make up the cost of ShopiSubmitter. Do you think that you can post content all day long for a year... and get just one sale?

Of course, the only reason is if you purposly didn't try...
so this is a no-brainer.

  • 100% traffic—getting guarantee
  • No monthly fees.


Is this Facebook allowed? Will this hurt my Facebook account in

Nope, this is 100% approved by Facebook and fine to use. Be aware that you can't use ShopiSubmitter to post to other people's Facebook groups. This is designed really just to use for your own.

I need to think about this. Can I come back later?

Sorry, but we can only allow a limited number of users access since this is a cloudbased solution. This probably won't be available again, but if it is it will be for a much higher monthly price.

Can I upload videos and post videos too?

Yes, you can upload videos, articles, images, slideshows, and just about anything you want to post to your FanPages or groups.